Luiso Sturla was born in Chiavari in 1930. He studies at the Art High-school Nicolò Barabino in Genoa, where he is a student of Libero Verzetti. Subsequently, he attends the School of Architecture in Turin. In Chiavari he frequents the painters Bartolomeo Sanguineti and Vittorio Ugolini. With these artists, he founds the “Group of the Gulf”. He joins the MAC in Milan, of which he becomes the secretary of the Liguria region until 1957. From 1958 he devotes himself to the informal art. In 1958 he travels in Spain and  he has a personal exhibition at the Numero Gallery in Florence. He meets Evandra Bellocchi whom he will marry in New York in 1961. He joins the Numero Group, with which he will hold exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 1960 he lives in New York where he witnesses the birth of Pop Art. He has a studio on Avenue C and is a steady patron of the Cedar Bar in Greenwich Village. He meets Michael Goldberg and Gregory Corso. Obsessed by the continuous fires on the East Side, he paints about sixty papers titled “After the fires-American papers”. In 1962 he moves to Milan. The Olivetti Cultural Centre in Ivrea presents an important personal exhibition introduced by Marco Valsecchi. In 1972 Olivetti Argentina dedicates a large personal exhibition to him at the Wildenstein Foundation in Buenos Aires. In 1981 he is chosen as graphic artist of the year by Gianfranco Bruno in the Bolaffi catalogue. In 1985 the Town of Chiavari pays homage to Sturla with a broad anthology accompanied by a critical essay by Roberto Sanesi.
In 1987 he is a participant of the XXX National Biennial Art in Milan, where he will return in l994 for the XXXII edition. In 1995 the Maddalena Gallery in Genoa presents the first thirty four unpublished works on paper created in New York in the sixties. In 1997 he takes part in the historic exhibition “Figures in painting 1956-1968” at the Sarcinelli Palace in Conegliano Veneto.
In May 1999, in Rome, he partakes in the “MAC Espace-Concrete Art in Italy and in France 1948-1958”. Thereafter, he displays his work at prestigious galleries in Italy and in Switzerland. In 2000 he holds an anthological exhibition at the Rocca Palace in Chiavari and is nominated Ligurian Maestro of the year. From 2002 he collaborates with the following galleries: Studio Centenari in Piacenza, La Colomba in Lugano, Switzerland, Bambaia in Busto Arsizio, Rafanelli, in Genoa, Agorarte in Milan, Cristina Busi in Chiavari. In 2003 a large anthologic exhibition takes place at the Diotti Palace in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) and the Voltorre Cloister (Varese) stages the exhibition: “Mutations, dreams and signs of the XX century”. In 2009, the Rapallo Castle (Genoa)  shows the joint exhibition “Light and matter” with Chighine, Scanavino, Sturla, Vago. From 2002 he collaborates with the San Giorgio Ceramics in Albissola Marina and the resulting majolica work is presented at national and international exhibitions. He lives and works in Milan and Chiavari.